Donate to a Wonderful Cause and Catch our TV appearance November 16th!

We are very excited to announce that LinkNow will be appearing on Montreal local news outlet Global TV Wednesday November 16th to discuss our holiday fundraising project: The New Secret Santa!

You’ll be able to see and hear all about The New Secret Santa initiative live on Global TV at 7:20 a.m. EST with The Morning Show’s Laura Casella.

Christmas Time for a Foster Kid Isn’t Fun

Most children experience so much joy and excitement leading up to the holidays. There are the letters to Santa Claus, time off from school, big family gatherings and snow! The holidays are enveloped in this sense of cozy warmth and comfort. Hot mugs of cocoa, fleecy pajamas, fluffy blankets the homey scent of burning wood on a fireplace and cookies on the stovetop. Nothing quite embodies security like the holidays and most kids eat that magic right up.

When you’re a foster child, you know that the holidays are not the most joyous time of the year and you’ve come to terms with the fact that you will not be receiving a present from Santa. The tragic part is this; the idea, which we teach at a very young age, that Santa Claus only delivers gifts to good little boys and girls. The bad ones get coal or nothing at all.

The majority of Foster children are relatively young, so how do you convince a five-year-old baby that they are not bad or naughty? How do you explain that Santa didn’t forget them without ruining the magic and innocence of the holidays? Imagine if there was a way we could deliver gifts to these kids so that on Christmas day they can open a present they asked Santa for! There is no greater gift than instilling some magic in someone’s life, especially if it’s a child in need.

The New Secret Santa Initiative

These kids have been through more than enough in their short lifespan, from living in squalor to abusive home lives. Foster homes can be a scary place for a kid, not because they are bad but because it is new. Change is always frightening, especially when you’re young. Help us make life a little bit easier on these children. Foster kids have very little say over their lives, and a loss of control is a scary feeling to have on a regular basis. They are bounced around from house to house, hoping for some source of security. A Christmas present to them represents love and kindness. A symbol that they do matter and someone somewhere cares. Join us in this amazing initiative.

Batshaw Youth and Family Centres receive hundreds of Santa letters during the holiday season, and LinkNow wants to raise enough money so that each and every one of these abandoned children can get at least one gift this year. We want them to wake up and see that there is a present waiting for them, that they deserve the best and were not forgotten by Santa or society.

Live TV Appearance

Every dollar really does count and so does spreading the word. Share our The New Secret Santa blogs, website and GoFundMe page. Let’s make a difference together and don’t forget to check us out on Montreal’s Global TV, Morning show this coming Wednesday November 16th at 7:20 a.m. EST.