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Our Goal This Year

For seven years now, the team at LinkNow Media has been volunteering their time to build websites, run fundraisers, create events, and make phone calls to help thousands of children at the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres.

By running an active donation campaign through our website that is shared all over social media and local news outlets, as well as hosting our own successful and entertaining talent show, we were able to raise $38,384.00 last year and contribute 625 gifts. This year, we’re aiming for $30,000 and 750 gifts.

While the owners and staff of LinkNow Media have really come through in the past, this year we’re looking for some outside help to really go the extra mile. After all, Batshaw Centres take care of literally thousands of children, so the more we can give, the better.

How We’re Getting There

The path to $30,000 is going to take a lot of work, which is why we’re hoping that the rest of our local community will be inspired to join in this year.

While we work online and within our offices to promote the work that the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres do, you can help us out by sharing our mission on social media, donating on our fundraising page, or asking to see some of the letters the Batshaw kids compose letting Santa know what they want for Christmas.

While some ask for toys and games, others ask for more practical items. But when it comes down to it, everyone can give something, and every little bit counts. And if you’re not sure of the best way to get involved, we’re here to help.

Build a Tradition

We’re one of those companies who spent years running a Secret Santa at the office. Coworkers would get each other’s names in hats and then purchase surprise gifts that were often goofy and wound up in the trash. Looking for a better way to celebrate the holidays, we started The New Secret Santa.

While getting your coworker something that cleverly points out their habits and flaws may be entertaining in the moment, the gifts that go to the youths at Batshaw Centres will never be thrown away. They’ll be cherished forever.

As time goes by, our love for the Batshaw kids grows even more, driving us to strive more to bring them the best holiday season ever, year after year. Once you start incorporating charity work into your holidays, you’ll be wondering why you weren’t doing it sooner. We’ve built an amazing new tradition. Now won’t you join us?

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