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Last year, I bought gifts to children that had nothing for Christmas and only wanted to feel loved and for someone to think about them for once. Just helping them, and knowing that they were happy this year, made me feel like I should do this simple gesture more often, and will definitely give a little bit more to help the Secret Santa project achieve their goal.– Stephanie Pelletier

I love being a part of The New Secret Santa. Not only does it feel great to give back but knowing the kids involved will not be forgotten this Christmas warms the heart. No matter what you give you know these kids will appreciate it. The New Secret Santa is the perfect way to reach out to kids in need and be able to make their Holidays a delightful and comforting experience!– Kathy Terry

I am very proud each year when LNM announces the beginning our their annual “Secret Santa” fundraising drive. It helps bring awareness and much needed gifts and other resources to the Batshaw Family Centre. There are several fundraisers from co-workers who bring in delicious baked goods, all funds go to “Secret Santa”. There is an incredible LNM “Talent” show, which is always fun and full of opportunity to donate and have a good time. A few years ago I auctioned “shaving and decorating” my head, which a co-worker had lots of fun doing. I look forward each year to see how much more, LNM does in networking and help supporting the “Batshaw Youth and Family Centres It is important to share and remember that anyone’s “life” at LNM, could be a “dream” to a less fortunate child. I am certain that LNM’s involvement with so many needy kids can only give more hope and result in better lives for some if not most of the children and teens.– Jon Borshy

Participating in the new secret santa for the batshaw youth and family centers really meant a lot to me. As a kids I was part of the foster program and even though I was lucky enough to be fostered by my grandparents I knew a lot of kids that were not so fortunate and really had nothing to look forward to during the holiday season. No family, no security and especially no gifts. When I started working at Linknow and found out we do gifts and fund raising for these kids it really touched me as I have seen firsthand what they go through all year long. If feels good to be a part of this and know that because of the work we do we are able to give them a little bit of happiness and hope when it counts most. I’m proud of all the efforts and dedication Linknow has put into this and even prouder to be a part of it.– Crimson Ferraro

We all enjoy the holiday season, especially the gifts, where we receive a lot of and give a lot and feel not only loved but thought of. That’s when I started asking myself 1 simple question, what about the children that have no one? These children that would be so happy and content to have just 1 gift. For the last 5 years, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand how a small gesture in generosity and kindness can make a big difference in someone's life. That’s what the secret santa is to me.– Arielle Cohen

Every year I am amazed and touched at what is done to help the Batshaw Foundation. Some of the stories we hear are truly heartbreaking. The lists that we get for gifts are sometimes so simple and things we take for granted. I love being a part of the fundraising efforts every holiday season knowing that even for one day we are making a different in the lives of children who do not have an easy life. As the years go on I am in awe of what is accomplished with more money being raised and more gifts being bought than the previous year. It is an easy way to make a big difference in our community and I am honored to be a part of it.– Jenna Labreche

Nothing makes me prouder than being part of a company that helps children and teens who are in need. It brings me great pleasure to help them and provide as much as possible during the holiday season. These children don’t have as much as others and they should feel as loved during the holidays as they do all year. Providing simple things they need as well as gifts they will enjoy brings me great pride. LinkNow does an amazing job at donating each year which helps put smiles on their faces. That alone puts a smile on mine.– Barbara Purcell

Year after year LinkNow never ceases to impress when it comes to putting presents in the hands of the kids from the Batshaw Foundation. Making a difference since 2012, every year we strive to increase our donation total and make sure every child wakes up on Christmas day with a huge smile. It is more than our task to do this – it is our priority come Christmas time. Our love and support for the Batshaw family grows from year to year and I cannot wait to warm another child’s heart with a present that they might have been wanting for quite some time. It’s the little things in life which makes this world a better place. I look forward to the level of support and gestures given this year for our New Secret Santa campaign.– Gauderic Perignon

Why We Got Involved

Here at LinkNow Media, we really love when the holiday season rolls around. For us, Christmas is a special time of year where we each get to spend time with friends and family, and take a short break from the often-crazy world of web design. And then there’s the presents, and really, who doesn’t like getting a present or two on Christmas morning?!

However, the gifts that we often take for granted are something that many kids less fortunate than us in our community can only dream of receiving. Well, at LinkNow Media, we decided to try and make some of these dreams a reality, and we did this by donating to a local organization: the Batshaw Youth and Family Centre.

For the past few years we have had the pleasure of getting into the real spirit of Christmas by donating presents to children less fortunate than us. This gift of giving is a really amazing feeling and the sight of so many happy and smiling faces as Christmas approaches really is priceless.

Since 2012, we have donated more and more presents to the Batshaw Youth and Family Centre and this year we are looking to raise $30,000 and 750 gifts for these kids. If you want to get involved, then please donate below. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did.

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