We’ve Got Talent

We do a lot at LinkNow Media and it’s easy to say that our staff are talented designers, writers, managers, and salespeople. But did you know that there are many more areas they’re talented in? When the holiday season rolls around, our biggest and most exciting fundraising event takes place in the form of a talent show.

Last year’s theme was TV Show Night, tying in TV’s most popular reality competition shows such as American Idol, Fear Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, and Last Comic Standing. The participants filled the night with music, magic, comedy and incredible acts. Participants put on an amazing show, singers dazzled the American Idol judges, Matthew was crowned fear factor champion and a dancer seasoned the moment with a show-stopping performance!

The annual LinkNow Media talent show has been running for 6 years now, and also runs a charity auction where those of us who aren’t so drawn to the stage can contribute. The talent show is hosted at Batshaw’s youth and family centres auditorium, and all profits from food and drink goes back to the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres!

What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

The theme for our 2018 talent show is One Night in Vegas, and this is a show not to be missed! This year’s hottest Vegas talent show is headlining entertainment from the Blue Man Group, world-renowned Celine Dion, singing superstar Cher, the magical David Copperfield and more! One Night in Vegas will be bursting with laughter and music. Fear Factor will air for a second year, with new contestants and pulse-racing stunts. Don’t miss it!

Winners can look forward to a $50 prize and a pizza party for their department if they beat out everyone else in their category!

And, if you can’t make it out to see the spectacle on December 8th, shows from past years have found their way to YouTube and Vimeo, and we’re certain this one will be no different. We promise—these shows are always worth a watch.

Achieving our Goals

The best kind of holiday party is not just the kind where you can kick back, have a few drinks, and relax with friends. It’s the kind where you are also contributing to the less fortunate. Because, isn’t that what the season is really about?

The Batshaw Youth and Family Centres deliver professional psychosocial, rehabilitation, and social integration services for thousands of youths in need in our province. They also provide free amenities, such as services related to child placement for children who suffer from neglect, family mediation, adoption disclosure, expertise to the Superior Court on child custody, and more.

If you’re a member of our LinkNow Media family, you can do your part by getting up on stage or auctioning something off. However, we’re hoping to get more people from outside of our offices on board this year. To get involved, you can check out the donation page on our website, share it around social media, or get in touch to find out what else you can do to help children in need this holiday season.

Let’s make this year’s holidays happy for everyone!

Be A Child’s Secret Santa


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