How LinkNow Media Is Spreading Christmas Cheer to Children in Foster Care

LinkNow Media is overjoyed to host The New Secret Santa Project for the eighth year in a row! In 2019, the New Secret Santa initiative is not-so-new anymore—but in our minds, that’s only more cause for celebration. We’re proud to have made a habit of donating to the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres.

What is new, however, is our donation goal. Since 2012, we’ve continually upped the ante, and this year is no different. We’re aiming high with a target of $30 000 and 500 gifts to the children in our provincial foster care system.

Achieving this goal would be unprecedented in LinkNow Media history. But another successful year of small business marketing fun has given us new vigor and determination. This year will be our year. This Christmas, we’ll give the Batshaw kids more than ever before!

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Donors

Rather than rally the troops to extend their gift-giving further, LinkNow Media’s CEO, Wesley Mendelovitch, took a different approach. At the Annual General Meeting this November, he offered a heartfelt thank you to his team of 200 employees for their ongoing kindness that inspires him year after year.

While LinkNow fundraises externally by joining forces with local businesses to raise money for the non-profit organization, the engine that drives the bulk of our giving still happens internally. It’s LinkNow employees that collectively give up their time, energy, and money to be Santa Claus for hundreds of deserving children.

Embodying the true spirit of the holiday season, Wes told of his profound gratitude for his staff and how their charity and goodwill continually move him.

Keeping the LinkNow Tradition Alive

Lindsey, an Editor in the Content Department, heard Wes’ touching speech last month and ran with it. Driven by her characteristic selflessness and innate love of kids, she immediately left her desk to take not one name card, but two.

As it happened, Lindsey chose letters to Santa from two young Inuit siblings. One of the children is a young boy with autism, the other his younger brother.

A week later, Lindsey arrived at work carrying two enormous, brightly-coloured gift bags under her arms. Among many delightful and practical presents, she pulled out a pair of adorable matching stuffed teddy bears.

She explained to her coworkers the reasoning behind the bears.

“As hard as we try, the foster care system will never be perfect,” she said, “and the sad reality is that these two brothers could be separated, short- or long-term, one day. I thought that if that ever happened, maybe these twin teddys will remind them of each other and the happy Christmas they spent together.”

LinkNow Media: Making Small Business Life Easier, and Christmas Merrier

We know that the whole office is full of similar, heartwarming stories this December. So, on behalf of LinkNow Media, please accept our deep and sincere thank you for your donations.

We appreciate you, and we know Quebec’s foster children do too (you can read some of the kids’ letters to Santa here)!

If you would like to play a part in this year’s New Secret Santa Project, you can visit our donation page to give online. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres.